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The World Wide Web may confuse many smaller, pest control businesses. Just because we are interacting with friends and family all over the county and keeping after the same all over the world, that doesn’t exclude one simple fact: most pest control business is ultimately local. If you have been off the grid of local search it would be wise to find out your local status and see where your business lies. There are many reasons why local search should be paramount for your pest control seo efforts; here are a few.
Audience of One

As a pest control operator, you may not have a store front so you may think that this takes you out of the local search equation. Or you may think that your local search rankings aren’t important because there are only so many options in the vicinity. Actually, for both of these, that is not at all true. Using Google Advertising can help promote your business. 82% of all local search is followed up by some type of personal interaction; a visit or a phone call. Just because your search results say great things about you a customer who’s going to let you into their home may feel a tad wary. For this reason they may need to sit down with you, look you in the eye and really come to some type of understudying with how or if you can help them. Fundamentally business is customer and provider.

Seeking Understanding

Local search is done all the time, by everyone. Some 3/4 of internet users get on and perform local searches at some point over a measured time. How are customers going to know who you are or what you stand for if they can’t find you? Your search efforts are a perfect fit to deepen and enrich potential customers understanding of who you are and what you do. If you use a special tactic or have had outrageous success in the elimination of pests, but no one is there to read it on local search results, then these achievements might as well have never happened.

Get Found

One more simple fact is that search is where customer are, where customers go, and where they buy. While shopping sites are great and service review sites are helpful, customers still want to be able to interact directly with their service provider and buy locally. The movement has never been stronger; you should reap the benefits of getting your pest control business listed on the google maps.

Get Mobile

Those unaware would be amazed how much search is done on the go; how much business is drawn from mobile. If your pest control business website isn’t mobile ready, you are missing out on a huge marketplace of potential customers. People want to be able to talk to their phone or punch up information on their tablets and get the results they want.  If your business website is not on the Google map you’re really missing a lot of business.

Just because your local business is found on the World Wide Web, don’t mistake that from your company being anything other than a local business. In order to generate and perpetuate local business you need to remain active on local search. You need to come down on the side of your customer, they need to know you exist, and they need to be able to agree there is that special something which sets your pest control business apart from the bigger, corporate sponsored types. Even if yours is a recognized and trusted brand, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the importance of personal contact, appreciable understanding, and the results of all local search which gets you to this end.