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Our Proven Pest Control Marketing System

I’m often asked by potential clients to give them a brief overview of our proven pest control marketing system. Because our system is so comprehensive, It is difficult to answer that in just a few words. So I decide to record a video showing you what we do, step by step to get amazing results for our clients.

We can help with your pest control marketing, but we only work with ONE pest control operator in each market. So, call us today at 866-207-2378 before your competition does or click here to request a free consultation.

Pest Control Marketing System Overview

After pest control operators see our articles, videos and webinars, they really want to understand what our Internet marketing program is, how it works, and how our companies have been able to get to the top of the search engines and generate a lot more inbound calls and sales.

We want to help you understand exactly what we do and how we generate these amazing results!

We Take Over Your Existing Website

You may have been in the pest control business for 50 years, but have never set up your own website. Or, maybe you’ve invested thousands of dollars in your current website. In either case, we want to take over your website. A typical pest control website needs a lot of work to get it optimized for local search. So go ahead and fire your website development team and our experts take over.

If you don’t have a website, we’re going to build you a brand new one.

We Build Out The Necessary Pages

A typical pest control has between 3 and 5 pages. The problem with this approach is that there are hundreds of pest control keywords that your potential clients are typing into the search engines. We’ve found that it is only possible to optimize a single page for 2 or 3 keywords. So this is NOT enough content on your website to find yourself on the first page fo google for all of the possible combinations of your keywords and your service areas.

So we build out more content on your website. We make sure you have pages for each of your physical locations, and each of your main services. Because the truth is, you don’t just offer pest control services. You also provide termite inspections, termite treatments, rodent control, pre-treat services and much more. So we create these pages for you. These pages must be designed with 100% unique content, not found on any other pest control website.

We also optimize your site for your main locations, and the addition cities and areas you serve. Often a pest control operator provides services in a 25-50 mile radius around their main location. However in many cases, there are separate cities and towns include in that service area. If you want to be found for those areas, you need content on your website focusing on those locations.

We Claim and Optimize Your Google Places Listings

Getting your pest control business on the google map by claiming and optimizing your google business listing is an essential part of any local marketing system. Having a complete and verified Google Places listing is a great way to position your pest control company as a leader in your area. We claim and optimize your google business listing using Googles best practices.

The Ultimate Check-In and Review Generation System

Viewing your online reviews can provide quality insight into how customers perceive your business. However, often, the reviews do not accurately reflect the quality of your business, but it IS how customers perceive you. You can build trust and credibility in your market by putting a system in place to ask your existing customers to provide feedback about your business.

Getting reviews from your clients is easy. All you have to do is ask. But we’re often a pco is just too busy, and asking for reviews gets put on the back burner. We’ve built a system that allows you to easily collect positive reviews about your service from your real customers, in your real service areas on auto pilot. A simple click of a button in our mobile app will request a review from each client after you provide a service. Before long, you’ll have hundreds of positive reviews online, and dominate your market using the power of social proof.

Citation Building, Audit and Clean Up

What is a citation you ask? A citation is any mention of your business on a website whether they link to you or not. A citation usually consists of your NAP, or name, address, and phone number. We help you establish your NAP, or Name, Address and Phone number, and make it consistent across the web. We claim your local directory listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Angie’s List, Best of the web and about 100 other important online directories.

We will optimize these listings for top placement by uploading information about your business, photos, videos, special offers. This involves auditing your current citations, cleaning them up, and generating more. Showing up in the google maps is the #1 return on investment for your pest control business. It isn’t easy and has to be done manually, but by adding you to these directories, we’ll improve your exposure in not only these directories, but having more citations is a major factor in getting ranked on the Google Map listings.

Content Creation and Publishing

It’s often said in the online marketing world that content is king. Creating great content for your users is the essence of “white hat” seo. When you get inside the mind of your potential clients, you’ll see that they aren’t just buying pest control. They are buying peace of mind. They’re buying the cleanliness and safety that a pest free home provides. Understanding how your users search is the core of online marketing.

When a homeowner has a pest problem, it cause them pain or discomfort. Often, they translate this pain or discomfort into a search query and type it in google, looking for answers. Knowing what they are searching, and providing the answers in the form of great content, is how you become the authority in your market.

But who has time to create all that great content? Well, that’s exactly what we do for you here at best pest marketing. We become your content creation team and write one great article for your website every week.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics to track all of the traffic that visits your website. We can view the number of visitors, how long they stayed, what pages they visit, how the got there, what keywords they searched for and much more. We use this data to help you measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. You’ll receive a report on your analytics on a monthly basis.
  • Call Tracking – We use call tracking to measure the number of phone calls generated by our online marketing efforts. In addition, we are able to record the calls, so you get information on exactly how your phones are being answered, and much more. You’ll receive this report monthly.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking – Knowing what keywords are generating traffic to your website, and how you are ranking on these keywords is essential to making decisions about your monthly marketing spend. You’ll receive a report on your keywords every month.

Get Started Today

We can help you get top placement on the search engines for your selected pest control keywords and service areas, but we can only work with ONE pest control company in each city, so call us today at 866-207-2378 and join forces with us, before your competition does! Or, click here to schedule a free consultation.