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How to Write Blog Posts Your Clients Will Actually Read

by | Content Marketing

Business blogs have become some of the most successful marketing platforms on the internet, but many pest control business owners don’t know how to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It’s one thing to write a blog post that makes your site look fuller. It’s another thing entirely to write a post that will get your clients interested in your services.

The whole purpose of a business blog is to engage your audience and connect with potential clients. If your blog posts are not interesting and compelling, they are not going to boost your sales and lead conversions. Here is a guide explaining how to write blog content your customers will actually read.

Respond to Commonly Asked Questions

Are there questions that you seem to get over and over again in your business? If so, you could easily turn your answers into blog posts on your website. If people are asking you these questions in person, chances are they are looking for them online. Provide a valid, knowledgeable response for them, and people will naturally come to your website.

Examples of Questions for Pest Control Companies

  • Do home pest control sprays really work?
  • How can I keep mosquitoes out of my yard?
  • What can I do to get rid of bed bugs?
  • How can I avoid roaches with dirty neighbors?
  • How can I keep pests out of my business or restaurant?

Transform these questions into independent blog posts, and put them out for your customers to read. If you can provide valuable and knowledgeable advice on your business blog, you will instantly gain the trust of future clients.

Break Up Content into Short Paragraphs and Bullet Lists

Most people on the internet skim through content to “get to the good stuff.” If your blog post is nothing but a wall of text, chances are your clients are going to skip to the next page. Keep your paragraphs under 125 words, and try to work in bullet lists where possible. Don’t go overboard with the lists though. One per 400 words in your article should be plenty. You just want to create a visually appealing blog post that does not scare away potential readers.

Add Appropriate Images and Subheadings

Pictures and subheadings help to further break up the content on your blog post while providing readers with a preview of your writing. For instance, if you are writing a how-to guide, you would want a subheading that briefly described each step. If someone wants to quickly read your content, they can get the general idea of what they need to do from the subheadings and corresponding image(s). You will still provide them with a valuable lesson without overwhelming them.

A good rule of thumb for images is to use one for every page scroll. If your post is long enough for someone to scroll down one time, use two images (once for the top section and one for the bottom). This will depend on the format for your business blog, so just think about what looks and feels natural. Again, you don’t want to go overboard and turn a simple blog post into a 5-scroll page that people will get scared by.

Write Something You Would Actually Want to Read

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Would you want to read about “the life of a housefly”? Probably not. You would, however, be intrigued by an article about “how to make your own fly trap.” Come up with article topics that are interesting and informative at the same time, and your pest control blog is sure to be a success.

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