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How Often Should I Post to My Pest Control Facebook Page?

by | Social Media

Your business Facebook page may be the first impression new customers get for your pest control company. You want to make sure you wow them from the start. Having an active Facebook account will show clients that you are knowledge, relevant, and up to date with what’s happening in the pest control industry, and that will ultimately make them trust you more.

The question is: how much is too much? How often should I post on my pest control Facebook page? We’ll explore this concept in depth to ensure you have the right level of information on your Facebook page.

Quality vs. Quantity

Before you determine how often you should post on your Facebook page, you need to understand the importance of quality over quantity. It is one thing to have a bunch of information on your Facebook wall, but it’s another thing entirely to have good information that people will actually want to read. For instance, if all you do is bombard people with coupon codes on your Facebook page, you aren’t doing your pest control business any favors. Focus on providing high-quality links, tips, and promotions on your account, and you will have a much better chance at success.

Demand and the Competition

How often do your competitors posts to their Facebook pages? Is there enough good content opportunities out there for you to do the same or more than they do? Some parts of the country have a stronger need for pest control than others, and thus they offer more ways for pest control companies to promote themselves online. If the demand for pest control in your area is low, you may get away with only making one Facebook post a week. If you are facing heavy competition or a high demand for your services, you may be better off posting 3-5 times a week, just to stay relevant.

Note that the demand for pest control changes throughout the year as well. In the peak of your busy season, you may want to put out more Facebook posts than usual to keep your customers interested in your services.

Know What You Can Handle

Another factor that will determine how often you post to your Facebook page is the amount of work you are willing to put into the process. If you want to spend 10-15 minutes a day creating a post for your followers, by all means do so. If you know you can only make a post once or twice a week, then common to doing that. The goal here is to be consistent with your posting schedule, even if it means not being as aggressive as some of your competitors. A small effort over a long stretch of time can still be effective in the end.

If you are having someone do your social media marketing for you, you will need to determine how much you want to invest in this process. Do you want to pay for multiple posts a day, or would you prefer to start small and work your way up? Assess your budget and your time availability, and us that as a guide for your pest control Facebook posts.

Follow a Loosely Consistent Schedule

At the end of the day, you want your Facebook posts to be as natural as possible. You don’t have to stick to a strict schedule of 3 news posts, 1 ad, 3 quick tips, etc. Vary your content throughout the month, but try to be consistent with the volume of posts you put out from week to week. As long as you can make your account look lively and real, people will naturally want to learn more about your pest control company.