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There are a number of inbound marketing strategies that are incredibly useful for growing your pest control business, one of which is email marketing. Email marketing might be one of the oldest online marketing strategies around, but that hasn’t kept it from remaining one of the most effective pest control marketing strategies. This is because the use of email marketing services can allow you to nurture your leads, inform them about your products and services and eventually convert them into not just customers, but repeat customers. The following are a few tips that will allow you to use your email marketing services in order to grow your pest control business:

  • Make it easy to opt in – Visitors to your website should have the option to opt in to your email newsletter on every page of your website, such as on your homepage as well as on every one of your blog posts. Make sure that your opt in form is also easy to locate.
  • Provide incentives to opt in – The more people that opt-in to your email newsletter, the more leads you’ll have that you can nurture into eventual customers. When encouraging readers on your blog to opt in, consider offering a free download in return for doing so. For example, a free eBook or whitepaper can be a great incentive for readers to opt in, especially if they found your blog content to be of value. Another excellent strategy is to host contests on social media that require followers to opt-in if they want to participate.
  • Craft effective landing pages – Make sure that the landing pages you use for your opt-in form are easy to read and navigate. Keep them clutter-free and concise. You want to remind visitors why they are opting in to your email newsletter without making it difficult for them to actually find the opt in form. In fact, your opt in form should be above the fold – you don’t want visitors to have to scroll in order to find it. Avoid posting any links on your landing page to prevent visitors from getting distracted and leaving your page. Because some visitors will feel slightly uneasy about providing their personal information, make sure that you provide social proof, which could include the number of people that have opted in so far as well as customer testimonials that help reinforce the reputation of your pest control business.
  • Segment your email lists – Using analytics tools, you can find out the source of each lead capture. You can use this data in order to segment your email lists. This allows you to better target your leads. For example, if someone opted in via a blog post entitled “how to identify a bed bug problem,” then you can better target that lead by sending them content that is relevant to bed bugs, whether it’s advice on what to do if they have a bed bug problem or information about your bed bug services or products. Segmenting your email lists will also prevent the mistake of sending someone who has been combing your blog for information on bed bugs information about cockroaches. This content won’t be valuable to them and it will make it look like you are just sending the same thing to everyone, which is not a good way to build a relationship with your leads and to nurture them.

Your email marketing services are an important part of growing your pest control business. Use these tips in order to make your email marketing services as effective as possible. For additional marketing advice, contact us at Best Pest Marketing today.