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In another major update to their local listings, Google is now only showing 3 pest control businesses in their local listings, instead of 7. This may have a major impact on your business. Those businesses that were listed 4-7 will get far fewer clicks and calls, and those who are in the 1-3 spots, should get a lot more.

Here is what the full search results page for “pest control lafayette” looks like today:


Here is a screenshot of what the old 7 pack looked like for the search phrase “pest control lafayette la” as of last week:


With the major change in the local search results, here is a zoomed in view of the same search today.


57% of the pest control businesses that used to show up on the first page are no longer there. This is great news to the other 43%, or those in the top 3 listings, as their traffic and phone calls should increase significantly.

Other Major Changes

There are a few other changes that we’ve noticed so far:

Phone Number Removed – Google has removed the phone number from the first page of the results. It is however on the next page, if you click on the listing.
Google+ Links Removed – The link to your google+ page is no longer listed. This may signify the phasing out of Google+.
Added Store Hours – Store hours are now showing on the listing if you have them in your Google directly listing as you should.

Other Potential Future Changes

We are keeping an eye on Google Home Services . In the San Francisco test market, the local listings are replaced completely with paid listings for Google Home Services. We’ll keep an eye on it, and will keep you up to date on any changes.

What will this mean to your pest control business?
If you’re not in the top 3, and were relying on google for the bulk of your incoming phone calls, it might be time to panic. Not being listed on in the top 3 will definitely impact your business in a negative way. However, if you are already in the top 3, then you traffic and phone calls may increase significantly.

However, keep in mind that with those businesses now removed from the 7 pack, the competition for the top 3 just got a lot more intense. This just underscores the importance of having a pest control seo expert on your team that can not only get you into the top 3, but also fend off the those who are hoping to knock you out of the listings.

How Do I Get Listed In The Top 3?

The steps to get your pest control website ranked in the google local listings hasn’t changed.

  • Claim and optimize your Google business listing
  • Optimize your Google business listing following google’s best practices
  • Have a unique page on your website for each of your locations
  • Have a consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) across your directory listings
  • Get real reviews, from your real customers, in your real service areas.

In conclusion

I’m actually pretty excited about this change. Getting ranked in the google local listings just got a lot harder, especially for someone who is inexperienced in SEO. But our clients will benefit because 4 of their top competitors were just wiped off the map.

This change in google should also be a great reminder, that you need a diversified portfolio of online marketing, including content marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, and more, which can bring traffic to you from multiple sources. Using google to bring traffic to your website is an essential part of any pest control marketing campaign, but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket.

If you have any questions about how the new change in google will affect your business, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-207-2378, and we’d be happy to help you navigate the new changes. Or, click here to   for pest control companies.