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Pest Control Marketing: Google Local Update

Pest Control Marketing: Google Local Update

In another major update to their local listings, Google is now only showing 3 pest control businesses in their local listings, instead of 7. This may have a major impact on your business. Those businesses that were listed 4-7 will get far fewer clicks and calls, and those who are in the 1-3 spots, should get a lot more. Here is what the full search results page for “pest control lafayette” looks like today: Here is a screenshot of what the old 7 pack looked like for the search phrase “pest control lafayette la” as of last week: With the major change in the local search results, here is a zoomed in view of the same search today. 57% of the pest control businesses that used to show up on the first page are no longer there. This is great news to the other 43%, or those in the top 3 listings, as their traffic and phone calls should increase significantly. Other Major Changes There are a few other changes that we’ve noticed so far: Phone Number Removed – Google has removed the phone number from the first page of the results. It is however on the next page, if you click on the listing. Google+ Links Removed – The link to your google+ page is no longer listed. This may signify the phasing out of Google+. Added Store Hours – Store hours are now showing on the listing if you have them in your Google directly listing as you should. Other Potential Future Changes We are keeping an eye on Google Home Services . In the San Francisco... read more

Pest Control Marketing: Getting More Bang For the Buck With Your Advertising Budget

Getting more for our money is the American way. Coupons, rebates, bargain hunting blogs, there are a million ways folks try to get every dollar to stretch just a little further. Your pest control marketing budget is no different. You need to get the most of your money and that means making strategic decisions about where you spend your advertising dollars. And according to the latest research on where American consumers look for contractors, you need to spend your money in online advertising. Yelp for Business Owners reports that 85 percent of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. This means the average customer looking for a pest control contractor isn’t looking for you in print advertising, on the radio, or in the white pages anymore. They are looking for you online. The question is, will they find you? Paid Search Marketing There are several ways to spend your marketing pest control dollars. One way is to go the more “traditional” online route of paid search marketing. Google AdWords is the place to start because Google is the number one search engine by a long shot. We know your potential customers are online, and we know they are more than likely using Google. Paid search marketing includes pay per click ads that appear in a potential customer’s search results. These are highly targeted and local, matching up a searcher’s physical location and choice of keywords with your ad. AdWords has several powerful tools that allow you to track the success of your ads and make adjustments in order to maximize matches between potential clients and your ads. While... read more

How to Rank Your Pest Control Business Higher in Google Local Business Listings

Ranking your pest control site on Google requires some traditional search engine optimization work, including keyword placement and linking strategies. Since you probably aren’t looking to connect with customers three states or an entire continent away, you also want to keep local search results in mind. Ranking higher in Google local business results helps you get seen online by users who are in your area and who are searching for pest control services. In other words, Google local business is a great tool for connecting with your target audience. Optimize your site with both local and industry factors in mind. For the best chances at ranking higher in Google local business, you need to optimize your site with both local and industry information. That requires geographic-based keyword research to see what phrases people in your area use to find pest control services online. Then, your content should include those pest control keywords as well as location-specific words such as towns, streets, neighborhoods, or states. Include cities and states in titles, headers, and image tags where appropriate. Include NAP information, your business name, address, and phone number in the right place on your site. NAP information should be crawlable by search engines, so it shouldn’t be included only as part of an image or Flash content. Make sure NAP information on your site matches your Google Places and other online listings, and mark up your NAP with Schema for added visibility. Inform the pest control consumer with awesome content. Get more play in search engines and Google local business by delivering awesome content that users particularly local users are likely... read more

Grow Your Pest Control Business With Email Marketing

There are a number of inbound marketing strategies that are incredibly useful for growing your pest control business, one of which is email marketing. Email marketing might be one of the oldest online marketing strategies around, but that hasn’t kept it from remaining one of the most effective pest control marketing strategies. This is because the use of email marketing services can allow you to nurture your leads, inform them about your products and services and eventually convert them into not just customers, but repeat customers. The following are a few tips that will allow you to use your email marketing services in order to grow your pest control business: Make it easy to opt in – Visitors to your website should have the option to opt in to your email newsletter on every page of your website, such as on your homepage as well as on every one of your blog posts. Make sure that your opt in form is also easy to locate. Provide incentives to opt in – The more people that opt-in to your email newsletter, the more leads you’ll have that you can nurture into eventual customers. When encouraging readers on your blog to opt in, consider offering a free download in return for doing so. For example, a free eBook or whitepaper can be a great incentive for readers to opt in, especially if they found your blog content to be of value. Another excellent strategy is to host contests on social media that require followers to opt-in if they want to participate. Craft effective landing pages – Make sure that the landing... read more

Why Google Local Search Is Vital To Your Pest Control Business

The World Wide Web may confuse many smaller, pest control businesses. Just because we are interacting with friends and family all over the county and keeping after the same all over the world, that doesn’t exclude one simple fact: most pest control business is ultimately local. If you have been off the grid of local search it would be wise to find out your local status and see where your business lies. There are many reasons why local search should be paramount for your pest control seo efforts; here are a few. op Audience of One As a pest control operator, you may not have a store front so you may think that this takes you out of the local search equation. Or you may think that your local search rankings aren’t important because there are only so many options in the vicinity. Actually, for both of these, that is not at all true. 82% of all local search is followed up by some type of personal interaction; a visit or a phone call. Just because your search results say great things about you a customer who’s going to let you into their home may feel a tad wary. For this reason they may need to sit down with you, look you in the eye and really come to some type of understudying with how or if you can help them. Fundamentally business is customer and provider. Seeking Understanding Local search is done all the time, by everyone. Some 3/4 of internet users get on and perform local searches at some point over a measured time. How are customers... read more

How to Write Blog Posts Your Clients Will Actually Read

Business blogs have become some of the most successful marketing platforms on the internet, but many pest control business owners don’t know how to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. It’s one thing to write a blog post that makes your site look fuller. It’s another thing entirely to write a post that will get your clients interested in your services. The whole purpose of a business blog is to engage your audience and connect with potential clients. If your blog posts are not interesting and compelling, they are not going to boost your sales and lead conversions. Here is a guide explaining how to write blog content your customers will actually read. Respond to Commonly Asked Questions Are there questions that you seem to get over and over again in your business? If so, you could easily turn your answers into blog posts on your website. If people are asking you these questions in person, chances are they are looking for them online. Provide a valid, knowledgeable response for them, and people will naturally come to your website. Examples of Questions for Pest Control Companies Do home pest control sprays really work? How can I keep mosquitoes out of my yard? What can I do to get rid of bed bugs? How can I avoid roaches with dirty neighbors? How can I keep pests out of my business or restaurant? Transform these questions into independent blog posts, and put them out for your customers to read. If you can provide valuable and knowledgeable advice on your business blog, you will instantly gain the trust of future clients. Break... read more

How Often Should I Post to My Pest Control Facebook Page?

Your business Facebook page may be the first impression new customers get for your pest control company. You want to make sure you wow them from the start. Having an active Facebook account will show clients that you are knowledge, relevant, and up to date with what’s happening in the pest control industry, and that will ultimately make them trust you more. The question is: how much is too much? How often should I post on my pest control Facebook page? We’ll explore this concept in depth to ensure you have the right level of information on your Facebook page. Quality vs. Quantity Before you determine how often you should post on your Facebook page, you need to understand the importance of quality over quantity. It is one thing to have a bunch of information on your Facebook wall, but it’s another thing entirely to have good information that people will actually want to read. For instance, if all you do is bombard people with coupon codes on your Facebook page, you aren’t doing your pest control business any favors. Focus on providing high-quality links, tips, and promotions on your account, and you will have a much better chance at success. Demand and the Competition How often do your competitors posts to their Facebook pages? Is there enough good content opportunities out there for you to do the same or more than they do? Some parts of the country have a stronger need for pest control than others, and thus they offer more ways for pest control companies to promote themselves online. If the demand for pest control in... read more
Is Your Pest Control Website Turning Customers Away?

Is Your Pest Control Website Turning Customers Away?

Even the best pest control marketing strategies cannot keep customers on a bad website. If you are struggling to get new clients for your pest control company, the problem may not be in your marketing efforts. Rather, your website may be too outdated or, even worse, too annoying to keep your guests around. Before you give up on online marketing completely, consider making these adjustments to your website design. Slow Loading Times This is the most common reason why people stop using a website. If your site takes a while to load at the start, you could literally be sending customers to your competitors. Roughly half of all web users expect webpages to load in 2 seconds or less. That’s right , TWO SECONDS. Something as simple as one extra second on your load time could cost you 7% of your lead conversions and countless leads as a whole. Common Causes of Slow Load Times Oversized Images Flash Web Design (It looks great but slow load times significantly) Bad Web Hosting Poor Website Navigation (Discussed below) Overbearing Advertisements (Especially in .GIF form) Google rewards websites that have fast load times, so keep that in mind when you set up your pest control website. You can still get a great looking site with high lead conversions without annoying your customers with slow loading speeds. Inefficient Navigation In order to keep people on your website, you need to provide them with direct access to the information they need. In the pest control industry, that means creating a menu that clearly outlines your services, locations, contact information, etc. Think about what your... read more
Top 5 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Pest Control Companies

Top 5 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Pest Control Companies

Whether you just started your pest control company or you have a long-standing brand in your community, you can never have “too much” marketing going on. The goal of any pest control marketing campaign is to generate a buzz about your business and create a reputation that your customers can trust. This may sound costly, tedious, and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are plenty of promotional ideas out there that cost little to no money at all to employ. Listed below are our picks for the top five low-cost marketing ideas for pest control companies so you can promote your name without breaking the bank. 1 – Online Reviews Online reviews are incredibly influential for local businesses. A staggering 90% of customers say that positive online reviews play a role in their buying decisions, and 86% say the same about negative online reviews. If you can get your happy customers to tell other people online about how amazing your business is, you will quickly build an invaluable reputation on the web. The more good reviews you get, the more future customers will trust your pest control company. This will help you soar above the competition – and you don’t have to pay anything at all to do it! Casually mention your Yelp or Google Plus account to people you work with and see if any of them leave a comment about their positive experiences online. All it takes is a handful of positive reviews to make a huge difference in your traffic levels. 2 – Social Media Marketing For the most part, social media... read more
Pest Control Marketing: The Right Way to Handle Negative Reviews Online

Pest Control Marketing: The Right Way to Handle Negative Reviews Online

A bad online review is more than just a blow to your ego. It could have an influence on your future sales or leads. The fact is that you cannot make every customer happy, even if you run your pest control company by the books. There is always going to be someone that is dissatisfied with your pricing, service, demeanor, or something else along those lines. The question is, what do you do when they try to taint your online reputation? The guide below explains the right way to handle bad reviews online so you can recover from this experience and move on. Contest the Negative Review (If It’s Inaccurate) If the customer placing the review is lying, you may be able to reach out to the review site and request the statement be removed. In most cases, the site will pull the review down temporarily to give the customer a chance to respond to your contest. The customer may be required to provide proof of service by way of a receipt, credit card transaction, or a more detailed description of the experience. If the site finds the review to be false, it will remain off the site for good. Important – Do NOT Contest the Review If It Is Accurate If the person genuinely had a bad experience with your pest control company, don’t flag it as false. Use some of the other suggestions below to resolve matters instead. The reason why you want to avoid this is because in many cases, the customer will have a chance to add to their review once it goes up live... read more

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